Dear Parents & Friends,

Thanks for considering PTO!  Politz PTO (Parent Teacher Organization) is made up of committed parents and friends working to benefit your child, our wonderful school, and the community at large.  We are continuously involved in fundraising projects where the money raised goes right back into the school, providing special experiences and additional resources for our children.  In the past PTO has provided school equipment like lockers, folding chairs and rubber playground mulch, “kosher” family entertainment options, a lavish Ladies Night Out Melave Malka, and fun extras for our kids to perk things up.

While fundraising is certainly a big part of what we do, it isn’t our only focus.  In fact, our number one goal is to foster a school community, to get parents connected to the school and to each other, and to nurture an environment where kids can be their best.  Did you know that children whose parents are involved at school get better grades and have fewer discipline problems?  More than 300 independent research studies have demonstrated that building parental involvement in education is crucial in improving student performance.  PTO can be a huge factor in our kids’ success.  A close-knit parent community benefits everyone.

All parents and friends of our school are encouraged to volunteer.  Everyone is welcome to share ideas at a monthly general meeting or to pitch in with a specific project or event.  Whatever your talents, whatever your availability, we’ve got a role that will fit just right.  PTO members are welcoming and open.   We all work towards the same goal and have a lot of laughs on the way.  Nothing would make us happier than for you to join us!

Feel free to contact me via e-mail any time at or submit the volunteer form located under the PTO tab on the Politz website.  We look forward to working together be’ezrat H-shem!


Helena Carmel

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