Mission Statement

Politz Hebrew Academy, founded in 1982, is dedicated to providing a quality Orthodox Jewish Day School education to children in grades Kindergarten through 8th grade. We are a school rooted in the values and teachings of the Torah, committed to helping our children achieve academic standards to the best of their abilities and to prepare them for life as productive and ethical members of society. 

The academic, social, emotional, and spiritual well-being of each child develops in a secure and encouraging environment so that the child will be able to meet challenges with faith, fortitude, and intelligence for years to come.

Safe, nurturing and focused on a Jewish education, experience academics rooted in Torah values

Every Child

has the right to be educated and to receive a Torah-true Chinuch. 

We Believe

 that all children are inherently good and want to make the right choices. 

Every child

has the capacity to learn despite disabilities or challenges. 

Every child

 should be included in all activities with appropriate support.


Mrs. Besie Katz, Head of School

Rabbi Mordecia Terebelo, Menahel

Mrs. Shayna Malka Zeffren, Assistant Principal, Girl’s Division

Rabbi Yossi Kenigsberg, Assistant Principal of General Studies, Boy’s Division

Mr. Dovid Schwartz, Special Needs Coordinator

Mrs. Miriam Gowar, Director of Development

Mrs. Danielle Dudzic-Hansell, Director of Finance 

Board of Directors

Mr. Elie Miller, President

Mr. Robert Miller-Sobel, Vice President

Rabbi Jacob Milgraum, Treasurer

Mr. Zac Miller, Secretary

Dr. Mark Frisch

Mr. Yehuda Glasser

Rabbi Tuvia Goldstein

Rabbi Sholom Kamenetsky

Mr. Yossi Polin

Rabbi Yoel Zeffren

Mr. Alex Greene, Immediate Past President