Dear Parents

Dear Parents

Dear Parents,

It is with much gratitude to the One Above that we are beginning our 36th year at Politz Hebrew Academy. We have merited to see our school evolve from a small educational institution of 47 children to a school which houses, Bli Ayin Hora, approximately 400 children on a sprawling 3.5 acre campus.

Over the years our facilities have changed, our pedagogical methods have changed to reflect state of the art techniques, and our demographics have changed to include children, their families, and community members who support us from near and far. What has not changed, however, is the commitment to provide our beautiful children with a Chinuch focused lorah wisdom, moral and ethics. Whether in the Chumash class, Gemara class, math class, or science lab, each lesson is wrapped around the principles of the Torah and the wisdom of our Sages.

To get everyone’s appetite whelled for the coming semester, we are sending you our June 2017 (5777) end of school year video. We want to remind student, parent, and friend alike of the dynamic, state of the art, curricular and extra-curricular programming which have become the hallmarks of our school.

We wish everyone a year of success and brachos!

Truly yours,

Mrs. Besie Kate

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